Cardano CNFTs

Cardano NFT’s How To Buy

  1. Create an account on a crypto exchange. Coinbase, Binance, Voyager

  2. Purchase ADA/Cardano  

  3. Create/sign up for a NamiCCVault, Daedelus wallet specifically used for Cardano.  

  4. Transfer ADA/Cardano to your wallet.

  5. Get familiar with, or   This is a resource for finding NEW CNFT projects. When researching a project you will learn when the drop is occurring and how to “MINT”

  6. Purchase CNFT’s second market on sign up and connect your wallet to view your collection within the platform. 

  7. Check your collection on Enter you Cardano wallet address into

  8. Check the appreciation of your individual CNFT’s at and

  9. Study TOP projects.  Purchase them second Market if your able.


Reasons to buy CNFT’s 

  • Cardano is a GREEN technology.  Unlike most other NFT platforms, all Cardano NFTs, or CNFTs, are environmentally friendly. The Cardano Blockchain uses a proof of stake consensus, which basically means it doesn’t require very much computational power to mint an NFT.

  • Smart contract are just getting implemented.  This means that much of the utility you see in NFTs on the ETH blockchain are being added to CNFT projects.  Meaning getting in early on projects now could mean you will be holding a blue chip CNFT project later! 


  • Very low prices. due to the fact that CNFT’s are new in the eco system and there are no gas fees CNFTs are considerably cheaper to mint and to purchase aftermarket. 


Things to look for in a project.

1. Utility, UTiLity, UTILITY!!!  If it doesn’t do something besides look pretty or be the first in some area its not worth investing in. Many CNFT’s come with the promise of future airdrops or free CNFTS for holders, access to special drops or products.  Some even have a DEFI element which create passive income for the CNFT holder. Choose wisely and you can MINT a cash cow that pays you weekely just for owning it!  

2. Large twitter and discord following.  If they have a large community they will likely have a large resale market and thus longevity. 

3. A team that shows it face on the website.  Although this is rare this inspires confidence in a project in a space where “Rug Pulls” are rare but not uncommon.

4. Find and follow youtube CNFT experts. There are teenage MILLIONAIRES around the world who do NOTHING but research and make videos about projects they are going to buy.  Let them do the research for you. (I’ve included 2 of my favorite CNFT youtubers below.) 

5. Make sure the project has a policy ID. 


Lastly, Have FUN!  This is an amazing way to collect cutting edge art and technology as an investment. It’s not that serious but it can also make you rich…literally!


Glossary :

Mint: Create the individual CNFT for purchase. Which includes payment by digital transfer.  Wallet: A place to store your crypto tokens or coins.  Usually offline as to not get hacked.  Floor:  The lowest price for a CNFT Ceiling: The highest price paid for a CNFT CNFT: Cardano Non Fungable Token NFT: NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means it can neither be replaced nor interchanged.  It is the definition of unique..One of a kind. Features –

  • Digital Asset – NFT is a digital asset that represents internet collectibles like art, music, games, and IP with an authentic certificate created by blockchain technology that underlies Cryptocurrency.
  • Unique – It cannot be forged or otherwise manipulated.
  • Exchange – NFT exchanges take place in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin on specialist sites.

Other tools: – Drop happening NOW, everyday!! – CNFT Drops – CNFT Drops – CNFT Marketplace – evaluate aftermarket CNFTs – See your CNFTs by entering your receive wallet address – evaluate aftermarket CNFT

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